Soviet technology

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In Soviet Union there were lots of engineering departments which developed and produced different goods. Among them was a group of laboratories designing ...

10 Soviet Union Engineering Achievements

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Obviously, there are more than ten inventions from Soviet Union as well as Russian Empire era. Subscribe us: ▷ YouTube Channel: ...

Soviet Gear - Why it Didn't Die | Feature Fittings

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5 Lost Soviet Super Weapons

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Dark5 present photo documentation of 5 strange Soviet secret weapons experiments... Subscribe to Dark5 ▻ Why did Russia Abandon a ...


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See Inside a 50 year old Soyuz Capsule - 1960's Soviet Space Technology

2 меc назад

Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, California has a Soyuz descent module on display, allowing visitors to look inside the interior of the spacecraft and ...

Soviet electronics

9 лет назад

A short overview of my soviet electronics collection... more to come later !

Soviet Union Technology

2 лет назад

Провальные проекты вездеходы СССР | Soviet Technology

1 лет назад

группа вк - ДВС Миниатюрные двигатели внутреннего сгорания. -

We found a huge working soviet-era machine and drove it

1 лет назад

BECOME A MEMBER: Completely abandoned in a huge forgotten factory. We got in ...

13 Creepiest Abandonned Soviet Era Places

2 лет назад

From CREEPY Train Stations, to some mega monuments; These are 13 Creepiest Abandoned Soviet Era Places ! Subscribe to American Eye ...


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Introducing WINDOWS SOVIET !!!

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This video was made just for fun, and has not propagate life limiting governments. All rights are reserved by Microsoft corporation.


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There are most SECRET SOVIET PROJECTS and Bio Robots. During the first period of the Cold War, all efforts of Soviet sciences were hurled into creating a ...

BS-155A soviet autopilot teardown

5 лет назад

Partial teardown, of course unit is reassembled after the shoot and goes back in storage. Likecoin – Coins for ...

Mystery soviet C23-1 electronics box teardown

4 лет назад

An opened hybrid module can be seen here: Likecoin – Coins for Likes:

Soviet Sinclairs & Eastern Bloc Micros – The Home Computer Revolution in the USSR

10 меc назад

Support The Cave ○ Patreon: ○ Shop: ○ Description The Soviet Union, ...

Old Abandoned Russian Military Bases and Equipment 2016. Abandoned military places USSR

3 лет назад

My partner - - Best exploring abandoned places Exploring abandoned Soviet and Russian military bases. Rusty military vehicles: trucks, ...

11 Worst Soviet Aircraft

10 меc назад

Patreon - PayPal - Blog - The Soviet Union lasted a mere sixty-nine years ...

10 Darkest Secrets of the Soviet Union

3 лет назад

During the 20th Century, the Soviet Union managed to hide some of the darkest and deadliest events in modern wartime. From a secret nuclear base to a famine ...