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Hannity: Buzzfeed spreads fake news

1 дн назад

Special counsel's office calls Buzzfeed report on Trump directing Michael Cohen to lie to Congress 'not accurate.' #Hannity #FoxNews FOX News Channel ...

1.19.19 - Walls Work, Drama - Fake News OverExtends, Taiwan Preps for Invasion

5 ча назад

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FAKE NEWS #16. Рэп Киселева и интервью с владельцем Двача (он же «магнитогорский террорист»)

5 дн назад

Пока все сидели за новогодним столом, Милонов и Киселев читали рэп, а Скабеева пела, мы смотрели новости...

The Truth About the Covington Catholic Story. Mainstream Media Sharing Fake News Again

50 мин назад

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Buzzfeed REFUSES To Retract Trump Russia Fake News

16 ча назад

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Stocks Went Higher On This FAKE NEWS Report! Nobody Gives A Damn.

9 ча назад

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Adam Schiff Is The Leaker Of FAKE NEWS : BUZZFEED

13 ча назад

What happens when all 'insiders' know the news is FAKE? What happens when all 'insiders' know [AS] is the leak of false data? What happens when a member ...

Buzzfeed Bombshell is FAKE NEWS... and TYT Bites

1 дн назад

Chunk Yogurt of The Young Turks will Probably delete this video which is why I'm just putting it on here so that it stays on the record. The BuzzFeed story about ...

BJP के Fake News फैक्टरी पर सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक ! बेनक़ाब ! News Bharti

23 ча назад

BJP के Fake News फैक्टरी पर सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक ! बेनक़ाब ! News Bharti CREDIT : INDIAN NATIONAL CONGRESS PARTY www.inc.in...

This is FAKE NEWS.

15 ча назад

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BuzzFeed pushes fake Michael Cohen news, as REAL news breaks on FBI conspiracy against Trump

12 ча назад

The Duran – News in Review – Episode 169. The Duran's Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss how BuzzFeed pushed out a clear, ...

"Fake News" & The Stock Market

12 ча назад

It seems like every week we are seeing “fake news” from trade talks to buzzfeed articles and leaks. A lot of investors are clinging to the word confused to ...

Conde do Forró - Fake news (Áudio Oficial) 2019

17 ча назад

Música que faz parte do novo CD Promocional 2019 “Acidente de amor”. Ouça e baixe o CD completo: ...

TowerGate - Day 668 - Buzz Feed: The King of Fake News & Molly Hemmingway

16 ча назад

TowerGate Timeline: Updated Daily http://towergatetimeine.blogspot.com.

FAKE NEWS в деревне: как живут люди, которым отключили Киселева, Соловьева и Скабееву

3 нед назад

С декабря Тверскую область перевели с аналогового вещания на цифровое, в следующем году это ждет всю страну...

Mueller Admits Buzzfeed is Fake News

1 дн назад

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3 меc назад

Companheiros, é hora de mamar nas tetas do governo. Mesmo se você for criança, afinal, agora a pedofilia vai ser legalizada. Saiba mais assistindo a esse ...


18 ча назад

FONTE: https://www.gospelgeral.com.br/2019/01/urgente-cientistas-da-nasa-alerta-que-asteroide-nt7-caira-na-terra-em-fevereiro-de-2019/ INSCREVA-SE NO ...

FAKE NEWS #14. Венедиктов назвал Киселева мразью, а Скабеева — сама «врушка крикливая»

1 меc назад

В новом выпуске очередное вранье Киселева, Скабеевой и других прекрасных ведущих федеральных каналов....

Je pan prezident Miloš Zeman ČÍNSKÝ agent? (FAKE NEWS)

16 ча назад

Po několika výrocích prezidenta Zemana, mě začalo zajímat zda náhodou není čínský agent. Rohodl jsem se spojit tuto úvahu s Fake news a přispět k ...

Cavaleria TV - Știri! Nu fake news! - [Reportaj super-merga serios] - Cavaleria.ro

3 дн назад

Cavaleriaro #ClinceanuRazvan #CodrinSpiridon Articolul complet pe site: https://cavaleria.ro/?p=36738 Cele mai noi clipuri ale noastre: Test complet GeForce ...