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I want to apologize to Oxxxymiron for my Versus Battle and for claiming 'Daddy in the House' is an art. I thought I can rap as well as Oxxxy even though I don't pretend to write my own 'City under sole'. I want to apologize to Noise MC: I was wrong. How can I reach his battle and freestyle level? How can I write songs like 'Jordan', 'Peter's roofs' and 'Radio Song'? Noise, it's only you who boost rap culture, not the one who makes it popular. Basta, I want to apologize for me and 'Nemagia' stuff as HOW DARE VIDEO BLOGGERS? I want to apologize for Dmitry Larin for fucking up his burry ass on Versus Battle making him post a lot of whiny answers, streams and #LarinVersus. Sorry, Larin, for you being such a pig who sure I need Ricky F as a ghostrider to fuck you up. You can make an ukulele cover for it, I permit. #LarinIsFuckingPig Like this clip? Subscribe! http://goo.gl/ieZiMA


батя в здании
Хованский батя
МС Хованский
батя в здании кавер
Хованский версус
дмитрий ларин
ларин версус
Хованский Ларин
хованский батя
хованский нойз
нойз драка
Хованский драка
ларин батя в здании
баста немагия
Город под подошвой
Ларин против
ларин против хованский
нойз мс
оксимирон версус
рики ф
версус баттл
рики ф версус
Питерские крыши
noize mc
оксимирон хованский
чушка ебаная
ларин чушка